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Remote Expert, software made for Fugro by VR Expert, enables video and audio communication via satellite internet. The software is optimized for the RealWear HMT-1 and is used across Fugro’s entire fleet, improving execution of onsite projects, increasing customer engagement, and ensuring efficiency, sustainability and safety.

The Challenge

To enable remote collaboration between onsite workers, industry experts and clients in remote and harsh environments

The Solution

VR Expert’s custom built on-premise, low-bandwidth solution on the RealWear HMT-1, provides real-time communication anywhere in the world

The Results

Ship-to-shore, worksite-to-office, the global Fugro team can now connect and unlock insights at anytime, while reducing site visits and improving communication


Knowledge transfer anytime, anywhere

Fugro, the world’s largest geo-data specialist collecting advanced information about subsurface and structures, conducts the majority of its operations across remote and often harsh environments, both on land and at sea. Projects are extensive, often requiring specialized personnel for both operations and troubleshooting. Therefore a vessel facing issues may be out of commission for up to two weeks depending on the engineering resources available.

Accessing real-time information anywhere in the world is key for Fugro to deliver faster and better solutions to their clients. However, utilizing satellite communication systems to stream audio and video is a major challenge in offshore environments.

Handsfree tools which enable onsite staff to continue working safely and efficiently are paramount to Fugro’s operations.


Remote Expert to support global fleet

By combining VR Expert’s Remote Expert software with the RealWear HMT-1, Fugro is able to establish a real-time video and audio connection between an on-site operator and office client or expert.


Via the HMT-1’s camera and display screen, an off-site expert can see what an operator sees and provide verbal instructions or place markers to highlight a part or process in order to guide the operator.

Always connected

VR Expert adapted their solution to automatically determine and optimize settings based on the users current latency and bandwidth scenario. This way, a connection is always possible, even in an offshore environment.

Integration & Analytics

To grant Fugro full control over user rights and network security, VR Expert developed a cloud version specifically for Fugro’s IT environment. Remote Expert also has an analytics function that provides insights to help Fugro further optimize their operations.

Testing & Roll Out

VR Expert advised Fugro to deploy the RealWear HMT-1 which was tested for connectivity, safety and usability. After successfully validating the use case VR Expert shipped out over 35 custom made kits to the fleet of Fugro.


Increased efficiency, sustainability and safety

Since the deployment of over 35 kits to their global fleet, Fugro has been able to heavily reduce in-person site visits to potentially hazardous locations. This has also had a positive impact on the environment and their bottom line, in one instance saving over 100,000 euros. Fugro can now drive customer satisfaction and optimize its resources, including decision making efficiencies, by assessing situations on-site without having to travel. For Fugro’s staff out in the field, the HMT-1 running Remote Expert has acted as a key tool in their toolkit, enabling workers to operate more quickly, with instant access to expertise and knowledge from colleagues around the world.

The VR Expert team offered great advice in choosing the right hardware and accessories. They also helped validate our use case with extensive testing.In the end we purchased over 30 RealWear HMT-1s which were shipped all over the world. We’re confident in our collaboration and look forward to expanding business together.

– Hannes Swiegers, Director Remote Operations & Support Services

Faster Decision Making

Access to key expertise anywhere around the world 24/7  to enable faster decision making and product delivery

Increased Efficiency

‘On-demand’ expertise increases operability and allows more efficient use of personnel

Lower Environmental Impact

Reduced carbon footprint due to less staff traveling between locations

Increased Safety

Fewer personnel in an unsafe operational environment such as at sea increases the safety of Fugro employees and its customers.

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