Remote expert guidance with industrial head wearables

Frontline workers can easily connect with remote experts in real-time, from anywhere, using optimized video collaboration applications


Organizations are facing evolving challenges when connecting remote teams with the critical information whenever they need it. The peer-to-peer information must be accurate, shared with a distributed workforce, secure and often delivered in real-time. Meanwhile, travel restrictions, globally dispersed stakeholders and different company regulations augment the growing logistical obstacles for remote expert guidance for businesses with frontline workers.

These challenges impact many of today’s remote teams. Frontline workers who are often in the most hazardous environments need to safely and efficiently connect with remote experts, other team members as well as partners and clients — sometimes in different cities, time-zones and countries. Whether it’s training, equipment repair, data analysis or other mission-critical tasks, these remote teams require a truly innovative remote collaboration and expert guidance solution that’s built for modern businesses.

Equipment repair


Unplanned downtime is expensive, incurring huge losses while waiting for an expert to arrive and fix the issue. 

Our solution

Remote experts can seamlessly connect with field technicians to help get machines back online faster.

Travel restrictions


Flying an expert to a job site is costly and in some cases impossible due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Our solution

With RealWear assisted reality solutions, improve service levels and reduce travel costs. 



Face-to-face assistance cannot scale across the enterprise. Skills gap in industries is widening with ineffective and slow knowledge transfer from the retiring workforce.

Our solution

One remote mentor can help many onsite workers. RealWear devices can help the workforce with hands-on experience that is proven to be more effective than traditional methods of training.

Remote expert guidance industrial use cases

  • Auto servicing & repair
  • Test & inspection
  • Maintenance & repair
  • Manufacturing & assembly
  • Telemedicine

Live video collaboration

remote mentor

Remote mentoring

Hands-free, real-time access

Some organizations will attempt to assemble various solutions such as mobile tablets, hand-held cameras and smartphones. Unfortunately, this is not always the ideal approach. Many frontline technicians are often in loud, hazardous, industrial environments — some in outdoor locations where rain, dust, snow and heat are frequent factors. It’s not safe for these front-line technicians to use these devices, which are not designed for these environments and situations. Many technicians also need their hands to work, so operating and carrying these additional devices can be dangerous and inefficient.

remote collaboration Hardware software

Explore Remote Expert Guidance Applications in the RealWear App Marketplace

We have partnered with leading software providers to give you the best solutions that fit your use cases and most importantly, give your workforce the power to get the job done quicker and safer than ever before.

High-impact benefits

Increased remote guidance

Have team members and key stakeholders work together despite different locations and time zones. Collaborate, inspect, audit and approve remotely.

Time saved

Remote collaboration hardware and software can help teams work in real-time and resolve disruptions in minutes instead of days and hours.

Hardware and software specifically designed for industries

Disparate solutions cause more fragmentation and inefficiencies. Purpose- built collaboration hardware and software solutions seamlessly integrate with existing technology.

Quality of installation and inspection

Collaboration helps reduce downtime and disruptions to your business. Get audits and approval done quickly and efficiently with real-time collaboration.

Digital transformation

 Digital transformation through IoT, AI and a connected remote workforce enable your business to work in accord while reducing errors and increasing production.


Investing in enterprise-grade collaboration hardware and software solutions helps you mitigate costs if you were to try to create your own solution or use disparate solutions.

Customer feedback on deploying remote expert guidance solutions

“Cut training time up to 50%.”

“Damage assessment time was reduced by 3 to 6 hours.”

“Improve data accuracy by 50%.”

“After evaluating other wearable devices, RealWear and Microsoft Teams emerged as the best option to support our ongoing commitment to autonomous maintenance and keeping our first line teams safe and productive.” – Mars Petcare

“By using RealWear wearable tablet devices, we can cut our travel costs in half and, at the same time, gain efficiency since our employees no longer have to wait around all day for a specific task.” – Honeywell

Other use cases


Visual assist


Digital workflow


Industrial IoT data


Document navigator

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