Hands free head wearables for the energy and utilities industry

Solve complex and risk-sensitive tasks, even in ATEX zone 1 restricted zones

Global leaders in Energy & Utilities trust RealWear devices to empower and connect their global workforce. Our solutions enable field teams to reference documents while using their hands to perform the maintenance on a specific asset. Data collection via voice provides further efficiency, enabling users to update asset information without any manual input.



With a high turnover rate in the maintenance world and approximately 72% of Utilities employers struggling to fill positions, your geographically dispersed field teams need support from experts to stay current with the latest asset information and repair procedures.

Our solution

Even those most novice of field workers can work like an expert by using our voice-activated RealWear device with remote mentor solutions to: capture images and videos, playback training videos, refer to manuals, and more. With RealWear devices, training time could be cut by up to 50%.



Pencil and paper continue to be used by power and utility companies to capture information. Technicians assessing the conditions of assets in the field may not have sufficient training, may not know what notes to take, or may omit key information, which could lead to mistakes and wasted time.

Our solution

Mitigate errors in data entry and decrease the cost of labor and operations through remote mentor and visual assist capabilities on our RealWear devices. In one study, damage assessment time was reduced by 3 to 6 hours and data accuracy improved by 50 percent.



Equipment on offshore drilling vessels requires expert support. With skilled workforce retiring in the next five years, the number of technicians to travel offshore will be reduced, further increasing safety risks associated with time lag in communication with shore-based support staff.

Our solution

RealWear’s ability to access critical data points through backend systems completely hands free brings safety and efficiency to the way your field teams work.

High-impact benefits

  • Safety, security and stability ​
  • Error reduction ​
  • Competitive advantage ​
  • Workaround to travel restrictions ​
  • Use both hands ​
  • Maintain situational awareness ​
  • IP66 rated/drop proof /dust proof
  • Explosion proof (intrinsically safe model only) ​
  • 8-10 hours battery life (hot swappable for HMT-1 only) ​
  • Install virtually any Android application ​
  • Large ecosystem of remote mentor applications ​

Burns and McDonnell, RealWear HMT testimonial

Zachary Wassenberg, PE, XR Innovation Manager at Burns & McDonnell explains why his team chose the RealWear HMT device for field services in Utilities and Construction, and why the answer to Big Data is wearable devices, specifically HMT-1.

Manitoba Hydro using augmented reality platform: VisualSpection

Watch how Manitoba Hydro International leverages the VisualSpection Augmented Reality platform to deliver improved efficiency and safety for utility fieldworkers.

Frontline worker in full PPE using Microsoft Teams on RealWear in PPE during COVID-19

Watch frontline worker in a clean suit (coveralls, mask gloves) dealing with an inspection during COVID-19 outbreak, getting remote assistance from worker using our hands-free, zero-touch RealWear device, running Microsoft Teams.

Solution specific RealWear accessories

Success stories

Experienced workers were being stretched thin, resulting in wider knowledge gaps and slower site visitations and distribution asset documentation. Assisted reality technology with RealWear and VisualSpection streamlines site documentation and enables Burns & McDonnell’s senior experts to virtually visit and review sites without traveling.

Vestas Wind Systems faced a double challenge of a retiring workforce and transforming paper-based processes to meet the needs and expectations of younger workers. RealWear helped Vestas’ sprawling network of field technicians and engineers access key knowledge resources, including experienced remote workers.


We Energies and EPRI demonstrate RealWear’s HMT-1 to assist utility field workers

A peek into how Augmented Reality is transforming the methodologies of field workers.

RealWear and Atheer go to market to deliver remote mentor solution

With a shared passion for customer experience, RealWear and Atheer Go combined their technologies to present a unique augmented-reality solution. 

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