Remote audit & inspection technology

Enable your staff to audit remotely and improve accuracy, productivity while eliminating the travel time. Remote audit and inspection is used for quality and inventory audits, safety inspections and many more auditing use cases.

Traditionally, accounting and consulting firms send junior- to mid-level staff to client offices, factories or warehouses where they spend several hours or even weeks to complete auditing tasks. This results in travel costs, poor work-life balance and productivity losses for both firms and their clientele. As enterprise wearable solutions become increasingly robust, accounting firms are seeing benefits of remote auditing.

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Digital transformation of audit & inspection

Site conditions


The onsite working conditions depend upon various factors like climate, lighting, technical equipment, noise and worker safety. 

Our solution

The solution should enable hands-free operations. Our voice-enabled Realwear device is PPE compatible, meets durability standards, and is certified to work around hazardous materials.



Some companies may not have modernized facilities that can maintain a stable internet connection.

Our solution

The wearable solution used for remote audit or the vendor involved should be able to support limited bandwidth connections.

Information security


Remote auditing relies on-premise video streaming, so clients could be concerned about information and digital security.

Our solution

The solution must protect transmitted data (such as end-to-end encryption, SSL etc.) and ensure that no data is stored/misused. RealWear assisted reality solutions feature enterprise-grade security.

High-impact benefits

  • Reduce or eliminate travel
  • Improve quality of work life
  • Improve worker productivity
  • Easily scalable to mobile workforce
  • Improve accuracy and quality

RealWear ready partner: AMA XpertEye Inc.

Watch Mark Fleischer of AMA XpertEye Inc. discuss partnership with RealWear. Within large groups, the XpertEye solution, developed by AMA, is deployed in more than 1070 sites in 62 countries, in telemedicine and remote maintenance.

Solution specific RealWear accessories

Success stories

KPMG seploys AMA XpertEye's technology for remote inventory review

KPMG was looking to reduce travel costs for clients while protecting the health and safety of auditors from risk of exposure to COVID-19. By implementing the use of AMA XpertEye’s voice-enabled app on the RealWear industrial strength assisted reality device, KPMG enabled inventory observations to be conducted from remote locations, enhancing accuracy while mitigating many travel and logistical issues, as well as health and safety concerns.


Top 3 highlights of hands-free remote inspection solution in response to Covid-19

RealWear and Librestream provide secure, bandwidth-optimized, hands-free virtual inspections to bridge the knowledge gap.

How to perform onsite audits remotely: A buyer’s guide to procuring technology to enable virtual auditing in the field

As ruggedized wearable solutions become more comfortable and fit for the job of a traveling auditor, more accounting firms — including members of the Big Four — are seeing benefits of remote auditing.

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